Small to medium sized business

Transit Tech provides computer and IT services to small to medium sized businesses.
These companies usually have up to 100 users.

Why Choose Transit Tech for Your Business?


Our technicians provide the same “advanced” support that is normally reserved by many companies for their enterprise level customers. We have proven systems in place that will back up your critical data, increase your ability grow, and improve your productivity by making sure your applications and hardware are operating in an optimal manner.

small-to-medium-businessWhy We Love Small Businesses

It is a common mistake with many in the press that so called Big Business is the driving force of our economy. In actuality, small business clients hold a very powerful sector and when they receive the right tech support they can grow quickly. This is why we want to be part of what will undoubtedly be the best place to build relationships.

At Transit Tech you will be treated with respect. Interested in computer and IT services for your small to medium sized business? Contact us today to start the conversation.